20 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

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At the start of the 21st Century, the Internet sparked a revolutionary path to international connections and close communication. Similarly, social media platforms started to grow some years after The Internet was created. Businesses nowadays use digital products like pc and mobile to promote their content or product for better sales. Digital marketing is huge in 2020 so there are some digital marketing tools created just to help out such services. Digital marketing tools in 2020

Let’s see What digital marketing tools 2020 are out there to help it out in digital marketing as there are lots of strategies to increase your sales through the internet here are all the tools that would be needed in a perfect and smooth digital marketing strategy.

Some Useful resources

Tools for Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools in Digital Marketing the most popular analytics tools in the world which every digital marketer should know about.

The online platform provides you with access to different reports that contain information about your users, where they come from, which marketing channels on your website are more effective in terms of leads, conversions, downloads, and sales, among others.



Latna is perfect for brand supervisors, what Google Analytics is perfect for online digital marketers – a stack of analytics devices that delivers reliable data.

Latina Brand Analytics provides brand marketers along with an intuitive script where they can track brand efficiency as time goes on.  Users can take advantage of information about target viewers, the impact of the campaign, and the performance of competitors.

Latina-based information can be used to tailor marketing and advertising campaigns to target the public and improve brand performance, resulting in faster development, lower acquisition costs, and better preservation.


Lead generation efforts will be hampered if you don’t track the correct metrics.  A platform like Whatagraph can provide you with marketing campaign reports for a quick assessment of your marketing efforts in lead generation.

E-marketing specialists are excited about using a range of marketing teams to help them achieve their business lead generation goals.  Whatagraph integrates with over 40 different electronic tools to provide users with aggregated marketing data and visual reporting.  You will know exactly which channels generate the correct traffic and become potential customers.  Not to mention, these vast integration possibilities make evaluating performance across channels much easier.


Traackr is a changing marketing platform that will allow you to identify influencers and do a good analysis of your particular profiles of social media marketing, cable connections, and exactly what they are serious about.

Influencer marketing and advertising is a fast-growing marketing strategy employed by many companies to raise awareness, in addition to brand names, products, and suppliers, and convert individual customers into sales.

Traackr is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms that allows you to manage your relationship with influencers, discovering beneficial influencers for your brand and measuring metrics and KPIs of individual influencers so you can track your ROI.


Brand24 assists you to keep track of and track key phrases related to your own business, mentions regarding your business/brand, or even your competition throughout many channels this kind of as social press, sites, and discussion boards.

Digital Marketing Tools to Analyze and Research

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is the top free digital marketing tool for keyword research that allows you to search and find a wide range of keywords and keyword ideas, the best way to improve SEO rank and see how keywords perform. All your keyword research can then be used for search engine optimization for websites and for your Google AdWords campaign.

What are the Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020


You can discover new keywords associated with your primary keyword and obtain the search quantity and the level of difficulty for composing a blog site article with your primary keyword using Ubersuggest.

SEMrushWhat are the Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020

Google Analytics results and reports can be a bit confusing such that people end up missing important information. SEMrush, one of the popular best online marketing tools, gives marketers a great opportunity to analyze Google organic and paid search results to allow you to evaluate your site and perform competitor analysis. Check the other SEO tools we like to use.


Are you no longer satisfied with basic metrics?  Finteza allows you to access more than standard reports.  A specialized solution for those who want to increase sales and/or reduce costs.

What are some of the benefits of these advanced metrics?  You can evaluate the quality of your own traffic.  A robot detector can understand bad traffic, as it can also determine its type plus source.  You can analyze everything related to your sources and calculate the transformation in real-time for all resources.  Finteza provides a comprehensive in-depth analysis of all traffic appeal channels.  For example, a person can compare statistics on Google Advertisements, Facebook, and affiliates regarding conversion prices and disable ineffective sources.  Thus, a person can save up to 82% on their advertising spending budget.

What are the Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020



Hotjar enables you to assess and understand the particular behavior of your website visitors with fascinating metrics obtained through website visitor documentation, heatmaps, displacement maps, and click maps.  The tool also gives you access to surveys and feedback surveys, to collect feedback that can help you better understand your site visitors.
  Hotjar complements the data and information it gets from traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics.  It’s an easy-to-use, industry-leading service that combines analytics and feedback tools to help you understand what’s really happening on your site, what matters to your users, and what they have to say.


Buzzsumo is another tool that allows you to track mentions of your brand, your competitors, as well as any keyword of importance.
However, Buzzsumo is most known for its exciting features that allow you to research and find the most shared content related to a keyword of your choice. Therefore, you can discover popular and shareable content much more easily.

Other Tools useful in Digital Marketing


  ProProfs Survey Maker

 ProProfs Survey Maker is a SaaS-based tool that helps you create beautiful surveys and capture relevant customer and employee feedback.  This tool simplifies the way you measure customer loyalty and compliance.  The particular online survey software program makes it possible for you to create a single one by providing over 100 ready-to-use templates, 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions, and a host of customization options.

Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020

  With ProProfs Study Maker, you can create NPS, forms, pop-ups, sidebar, as well as in-app surveys, along with quizzes.  The particular smart analysis plus reporting section associated with the app enables a person to improve their own products for each of the preferences associated with their target viewers.  You can submit your own survey through different platforms such as social media systems, email or perhaps add one on your own website.





What are the Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020

 Visual marketing and advertising have become a very important element of marketing, especially within 2020. With consumers retaining 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read, it is no wonder that they have been  It has become so important for companies to integrate visible marketing into their particular online marketing business strategy.
  Canva allows make logos, Facebook cover images, like posters we can design Increase website traffic through social media users to take advantage of custom image filters, manipulate text, create images from scratch, or use stock photos, layouts, or background images, and also provides a dimension size of social media network images almost everything done with a simple drag and drop technology.


 Another useful digital marketing tool is OptinMonster, a popular email subscriber list building tool that many WordPress bloggers and website owners use to create their subscription lists.  With numerous intriguing email subscription templates, OptinMonster provides you with an easy-to-use interface and enables you to create transformative email subscription forms.


 With additional 1-click sales, funnel building, and A / B test performance capabilities. ThriveCart is a pretty exciting shopping cart platform that you can incorporate with Infusionsoft regarding payment collection on their website.

  Agora Press

With AgoraPulse, you can manage your main social media balances;  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  AgoraPulse allows you to schedule blog posts, measure your interpersonal media activities, and engage your followers with quizzes and quizzes.


As a simple and easy to use email-marketing automation tool, ConvertKit can help bloggers and businesses trying to grow their online audience create sign up forms and landing pages with great templates. ConvertKit allows you to capture leads and send converting emails to them that can turn them into customers.



Lumen5 uses AI to match the content of your articles with related images to turn your own blog site posts into videos.



Todoist enables you to use various colors for each task for which a person may also create kid projects. You may also arrange work anyhow you would like using the drag-and-drop function within seconds.
This particular to-do list software also allows you to collaborate on projects and assign tasks to people on your team or people you work with. You can find more comprehensive project management tools here.



Managing multiple tools is chaotic for businesses nowadays. EngageBay helps you to grow and manage your business and customers with their simple, powerful, and integrated platform for all your marketing, sales & service needs.
With stand-alone marketing software, email marketing, totally free CRM and product sales and live talk, and helpdesk benefits, EngageBay is the comprehensive business device designed to conserve time and cash by automating your own business functions.



Zapier, one of the better digital marketing equipment, enables you to link various online services plus is an excellent device for automating marketing tasks with triggers and actions.



The best way to avoid data loss is to use cloud storage to store your important files and documents online.
pCloud is one of such cloud storage platforms with many other juicy functions that allow you to organize your file and folders, access all your files on any device, allows people to access your files or folders so you can work together on projects, back up your information, and stream music and videos.

Top writing services have been known to use cloud storage tools like pCloud to store projects and allow team members to collaborate with each other.

What are the Best Tools for Digital Marketing 2020

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