20 Social Media Tools You Need to Be Powerful Online

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Today in this article we will talk about 20 best social media tools you should use to increase your brand reach. In this technology world everything is now tested and reviewed online and if you want to increase your Brand Awareness, you should definitely use these helpful tools along with your Social Media Marketing Campaigns. We will enlist all of these tools along with their use and benefits in detail. So make sure you checkout all of them and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

20 Social Media Tools - Tech Learning Updates

Here is a List of 20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021 Updated Version.

20. Google Analytics

The list of social media tools is impressive. It starts with Google Analytics, a free service provided by Google. It records data such as when someone visits your site, the pages they look at and what they do while on your site. In addition to this, it creates custom reports based on the information it records.

Google Analytics is a leading analytics tool, you should consider using. Google Analytics collects data from your site so that you know where visitors come from, when they arrive, how long they spend on your site, and what keywords and phrases they used in Google to arrive at your site. Using Google Analytics is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, and using a scheduling program like Hootsuite will ensure that you are properly scheduling all your social media posts across all your various networking channels.

19. Facebook Media Marketing

 Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media marketing tools. These platforms allow you to connect with millions of people worldwide.. When you’re ready to market with AdSense, SMM, or any of the other great programs for creating revenue streams, these tools are there for you.

18. Twitter – Best For New Clients

Twitter is a great Social Media Marketing tool for B2B and B2C businesses. Many small businesses prefer Twitter as it has many opportunities for businesses to find and connect with potential customers.

17. Google’s Picasa Browser

This web browser allows you to manage your pictures and videos across multiple platforms.

16. Google’s Cloud/ Drive Storage

 does much more than make your files easier to find; it makes them faster and easier to access

20 Social Media Tools - Tech Learning Updates

15. Google Plus

 Google+ has recently added media automation features for marketers. This is a feature that allows you to post automatically to multiple social media sites without having to write or paste. It also integrates with all of Google’s other apps, so you can schedule your posts and manage your content from anywhere, using anything, thanks to Google Apps.

 Media automation is a fantastic idea for those who own and run a business with little to no time to focus on their social media content and marketing. It will help to automate a lot of the tasks that otherwise have to be done.

14. Adsense And SMM Platforms

If you plan to market with AdSense or SMM using Google Analytics, then you want to make sure that you take advantage of its automated capabilities. Media automation will not only help you to automate the process of managing and publishing your content, but you’ll also get things like RSS feeds, sharing buttons, and even the ability to schedule when your posts are published.

 The key is to find the combination of tools that work best for your needs, and to use automation sparingly. You should always strive to make every effort to make your social media marketing efforts automated, or you may quickly begin to lose out to the competitors.

13. Animoto – Video Maker And Library

Video posts are top performers in ads and content marketing, and animoto helps you to achieve your max quality potential with least efforts. It has thousands of ready made templates which you can use to save time and money. Inshort Animoto is one of the best tools for social media marketing.

Similarly, video posts get more Engagement and organic reach as it is most interactive with the audience.  So many big companies prefer video content for their campaigns. However, creating and running them can be costly. Animoto solves this problem.

12. Moz’s Free Keyword Explorer

Similar to buzzsumo, Moz Keyword explorer tool helps brands to target the right audience. It’s great as it is notified whenever someone mentions you on any platform with all details. Moreover, you can also set up performance targets and track them. This makes it unique and one of the top rated tools in the World of social media marketing.

11. Tali Wind – Social Media Management

It’s the best tool for teams managing social media accounts of big corporations or multiple small business owners managing single brand social accounts. It helps to quickly respond and connect with the team. Send and receive files, set alerts and assign tasks to team members.

It has a unique feature to track and match images, which helps to analyse it over whether content may go viral or not.

Although it’s a great tool it’s mostly used over image sharing platforms like pinterest and Instagram. Their huge online audience is an ideal target for SMM projects.

20 Social Media Tools - Tech Learning Updates

10. Elevate – Super Dashboard for SMM

Elevate is one of the top management tools that helps you to track your top posts, media, mentions, DMs, in one single place. So you can access and improve your online presence with a more efficient method.

It also generates precise analytics for factors like Likes, Comments, Mentions, follows, Message, and the most important Comparison and performance trackings.

9. Twitter Promote Mode

If you are planning to target users on twitter then you should definitely check this out. This is a great tool offered by twitter for SMM for Creators and influencers to get analytics, target better relevant keywords and get detailed information on their past performance on platform in comparison with competitors. Great for targeting new clients and traffic.

8. Venngage

Vengage is a best platform for social media marketers to target and build content ideas and templates. Vengage has a huge library of Visual Content and Visual Communication assets. Which makes it ideal for making stunning Infographics, Photos, Slides, powerpoint.

7. Hashtags

The last tool we are going to discuss here is hashtags. What are hashtags? Well, a hashtag is a short term description that describes the content the user is searching for. The advantage of using hashtags is that you can use this to search for trending topics, engagement levels, and much more, which greatly increases your ability to target your audience.

6. Zoho Social Optimization tool

Zoho is the best tool to manage all of your social media platforms at one place. Its the most effective and efficient way to carry out SMM and achieve your targets.

20 Social Media Tools - Tech Learning Updates

5. Canva – The Best Graphics Tool

Canva is an easy tool for Creators for making amazing graphics and visuals. It has a worldwide popularity for its industry leading and almost free professional graphic designer templates.

You can use this tool to make your feed more professional and attractive.

4. Buffer Publish – Track Performance

Have many cool features for making high quality content and tracking its performance over all platforms at one place. It’s like the super dashboard of your SMM campaign.

Best for tracking reports and managing team based tasks. You can use this tool to easily access and manage entire social media marketing campaigns at once.

It provides free extensions for browsers like chrome, opera, firefox, safari etc.

3. IFTTT Automation Tool

It’s best suited tool for automation in your SMM campaign, you can easily set up your IFTTT setup within hours and it will save your 40% time on posting content. The best part here is this tool is 100% free so you should definitely try this atleast once.

The most important feature it provides is you Can post content on your all socials at one click. With this amazing tool you can automate your posting or publishing process. Most importantly, it’s free.

2. BuzzSumo Analytics

Another one of the great social media tools available to businesses is Buzzsumo. This free tool makes it easy to search for influencers, fan pages, and the conversations that are occurring on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With this free tool, you can easily find out who is talking about your brand.

For example, if your brand is tied to the latest fad food item, you can search for “hot dog bun” on Buzzsumo and find out who is discussing it. You can also search for specific topics that are of interest to your industry or target market, such as “top home cooking recipes” or “home cleaning,” “gourmet food,” and more.

This easy access to conversations makes Buzzsumo one of the most useful social media tools for businesses looking to interact with their customers and drive conversation around their brands.

1. Buffer – the Ultimate SMM Manager

This tool is a paid tool but it has some unique and useful features which makes it a great deal and value for money product.

It has many tools that you won’t find anywhere else. The Buffer is the best SMM solution for your needs with beneficial features like Automatic or scheduled posting, data driven analytics and best multi user management and usage system.

Moreover, this can easily connect with your other SMM  tools and adapt with them, which will make your journey even easy and joyful.

The pricing is quite budget friendly and is definitely worth it for SMM campaigns.


There are many social media marketing tools that you can use for your campaign. However, it depends upon your requirements, method, budget, team, work load, and necessarily to use any tool. If you want to take a quick gain in your performance, using these tools effectively is recommended.

Similarly, you should also keep in mind that it’s not compulsory to buy these tools to be a successful brand on social media platforms. There are a ton of brands that don’t even use a single tool yet have a very bold and Engaging presence on the internet.

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