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Tips for writing the perfect birthday message for your clients

Birthday cards for business are a wonderful way to stay in touch with customers. This gesture helps partners of business remember you. First, find out how to craft a formal birthday card message for your clients. Then, make the best bespoke cards for clients, companies, and consumers with a gift inside as the perfect birthday wish for clients. It is easy to compose birthday greetings. In actuality, they could be as short as two or three phrases. 

Tips to make a birthday messaging: 

Generic birthday wish for clients typically remind them of your existence. Such letters might even be interpreted as a pretext for getting in touch and trying to sell them anything. On the other hand, thoughtful, personalised birthday messages demonstrate to your clients that you care about them, strengthening your personal and professional relationships. Here are some pointers on how to write birthday wish for client.


Personalization is a terrific way to show people you care, and it is significant when sending birthday wishes. By personalising your “Happy Birthday!” message, you will stand out from the crowd because the majority of individuals will just input (or copy and paste) the same dull message.

The client’s name should always be in the message, ideally coupled with personal details like the client’s name, the names of their spouse and children, their pets, or their preferred meals. This context will demonstrate that they are more to you than just a client.

Send the message through the right channel: 

The message must be sent via the proper channel for the most impact. Different people have different preferences when it comes to sending and receiving texts. For instance, while some people prefer emails and social network chatting, others prefer messaging services like WhatsApp, iMessage, and SMS.

Before you send your client a birthday message, consider where you’ve previously interacted with them and their messaging preferences. For example, you shouldn’t send a birthday email to someone who hardly ever checks their inbox or if you’ve only spoken to them on WhatsApp.

Although sending a birthday message over several channels can be a terrific idea, the receivers will understand the message better if they receive it first on their own channels. In addition, it gives them the impression that you genuinely remember their special day.

Send the message at the right time:

Every message depends on timing, but when it comes to birthdays, poor timing might render a message ineffective. So when is the ideal time to offer birthday wishes? People enjoy getting birthday messages from friends and relatives as soon as their special day starts. Meanwhile, sending birthday wishes at midnight could feel odd if your relationship with your customer is solely professional. The optimal time can be in the morning or during lunch.

What to avoid?

Generic templates:

Many birthday message templates are available online if you search for them. Even social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have generic templates that may be sent with just one click. Although you are free to use them, many other individuals probably already use them.

Mentioning the wrong name:

The erroneous name being used in birthday wishes is frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. As ridiculous as it may sound, copying and pasting the message might easily lead to this. Before sending the message, thoroughly read it.

Automated phrases:

Automated language looks robotic because people have seen it before. However, your message will stand out to the recipient more if you use originality and creativity.

Here are some fundamental suggestions on what to write in a personalised corporate birthday card:

Send a unique birthday greeting: Receiving a personalised card will make the receiver happy and remind them how meaningful your relationship with them is. 

Address client by name: In the card, use the client’s name. You establish a closer relationship with the client by using their first name.

Put your signature on the card: Your handwriting can be used to make a personalised signature if you use a greeting card provider like Minute Mail Gifts.

Include a special birthday offer: Add a special birthday promotion or call to action if that applies to your company. This could be a coupon for a discount or a polite reminder of your offerings.

Including a delightful surprise: You can put a small present inside each card you mail. This little memento lasts considerably longer than a gift card and endures long after the card is discarded.

Put your logo here. Send your company’s birthday cards with your logo if business branding is vital to you.


That’s a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate them, and you can do it by wishing them a happy birthday. However, use the opportunity to strengthen your friendship by sending a compelling message. If you put in the extra time to get to know your consumers, you can craft amazing communications that are specifically tailored to their needs. Then, when you see the results, you won’t regret the time you spent on it.

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