Ways Edtech Tools Are Bridging Learning Gaps via Online Education

Online education is supporting the learning process by creating an effective and worthy enough learning environment which is accepting all types of learners and providing them shelter under the tree of knowledge which is full of wisdom and a successful future for the students and learners. In this 21st century technology has a deep impact on everything, in the same way it has made a good impact on the education sector also. Online education has been proven as the building material which is bridging and filling all the learning gaps due to which the learning process was falling apart. Today not to speak of students only but also adults and almost every learner is learning with help of online education supported by new tools like Learning Management System. All the educational institutions are opting for a learning management system to regulate the teaching-learning process properly these days. The foremost thing is to understand what the learning gaps are, this can be understood by the difference between how the learning should be and how the learning is in the classroom.

Tutors, learners, mentors, competitive exam trainers and various types of libraries are available online. Also, if the student is a working professional, then the user-friendly aspect of the online education provides them an education in a flexible schedule where the student can manage as per his/her convenience. The students and learners, though sitting in a room alone, have to glare at the screen the whole time but still they are not left alone. Students whether from rural area, hilly area or urban area, if they desire to study and have chosen a course then through online education and various options available online for learning, students can get in touch with his instructor and teacher at once and can complete the whole course with a qualifying degree. Let’s see how ICT played its role in it.

Information and communications technology (ICT) have been bridging the learning gaps in many ways. It has become an integral part of student’s lives these days. These days, life is dependent on technological tools and set up. You want to wash clothes, a washing machine will do enough, want to bake a cake, microwave oven will do enough and like these many other technological tools are making our life easier than before. So, the term ICT clarifies the meaning of it for any technology that concerns information and communication. These days if we want to understand any means of information and communication technology when we don’t have to search for them anywhere else, we are surrounded by several forms of it like LED TV, android phones etc. Today we are not only surrounded but also connected with each other via several means of ICT. AS far as the field of education is concerned, schools are adapting school management software. It is so because software of school management is free from manuals and this way a proper education system for students can be ensured.

We can say that importance of ICT can be understood in ways that it has become basic need of today’s human life to life smoothly and without any problem. ICT i.eInformation and communication technology is connecting people worldwide and now where we had to wait for a reply of a letter sent to a foreign country, we get our work done on email only at once. So, if we want to understand the importance of ICT in Education it can be understood by further facts here. Due to ICT students have no longer dependency on teachers or schools only for their education. Earlier students were dependent on teachers only for notes of their subjects but through this format of ICT and with the help of online teaching apps, students are able to prepare their notes easily. Online teaching apps are helping teachers also to provide most researched and up-to-date content to the students. Despite of several efforts of government and other NGOs still many students with special needs were lagged behind in the name of education. They are now able to earn a good qualification that too with recognized college and valid degree. It is not only limited to this only, earlier students with special need especially blind students had not any options for the carrier but ICT is enhancing subject learning and they can learn with the help of new technological tools like Braille script.

ICT is collaborating people and new resources; one just has to gather a laptop or computer and an internet connection and he/she can get connected to the whole world in jiffy and can gain ample amounts of knowledge. Earlier students had lost their interest in learning due to traditional methods of teaching and learning but ICT is bringing interest back in it. Students now have forgotten to sit idle like before or we can say that they don’t like wasting time nowadays. Instead they want to engage themselves into various formats of ICT because since ICT have been included in lessons student’s curiosity regarding new features and facilities in it have increased. Now students don’t have to sit at home only mugging up and depending all the time on parents for their pocket money. Now they are earning their fees, pocket money and several other expenses with the help of several online jobs available online that too don’t require any specific skill set.

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