Whalegot Reviews – Is Whalegot a Scam?

Whalegot is a website that is largely lacking in credibility. It has an amateurish design and does not disclose the owner’s identity. Its refund and exchange policies are also incomplete and poorly written. As a result, it looks like a scam to us. In addition to that, it operates anonymously. Read More 

Whalegot is a scam site

Whalegot is a scam site with many red flags. One of them is the absence of an identifiable owner. The website looks amateurish and poorly designed. It also has a messy language structure and numerous links that clutter the screen. Whalegot also has no verified address, nor does it have an adequate refund policy or exchange policy. Learn More

Whalegot also has a poor trust score. The company has been accused of providing fake merchandise. The website lists its address as 3347 Sugarfoot Lane, Lafayette, Indiana, but a Google Map search can’t find a match. It’s not unusual for a site of this type to claim similar locations.

Whalegot website is poorly designed

If you have been searching for online shopping destinations, you have probably come across websites like Whalegot. These scam sites use unprofessional and sloppy website design and are often affiliated with other suspicious sites. This one is no exception, as the website coordinates with destinations like Turkenow, Amawen, and Lasrn. It’s no wonder that the Better Business Bureau has already issued an alert against Whalegot.

A website should have a good design that’s easy to navigate and has the appropriate information. This website has a very poor design, and this is one of the reasons why people don’t trust it. The website does not reveal the identity of the owner, making it look shady. It also does not have a clearly defined exchange policy or refund policy. It’s also a poorly written website, with amateurish and confusing language.

Whalegot does not give its proprietor subtleties on its official website

Regardless of the fact that Whalegot has an official website, it doesn’t give much in the way of subtleties about its proprietor. That is to say, the organization generally shrouds its subtleties behind a veil of secrecy. But, this doesn’t mean you should stay away from the online exchange.

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