YouTube to Launch YouTube HDR; Does It Really Matter?

In recent years, HDR has become increasingly popular thanks to advancements in video production technology. In response, the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, introduced a dedicated High Dynamic Range (HDR) section of the site. Videos in HDR format are now available on YouTube HDR for those with HDR-enabled devices. To find out, you may be wondering if YouTube’s newest channel and the transition to HDR technology are worth your time. Read More

Exactly what does “HDR” stand for?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, also known as simply better-looking and more realistic video than Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) video, is exactly what the name implies. If you’re shopping for a new TV and you exclaim “wow” because the contrast on the display is so good, you’re probably looking at an HDR TV. The tremendous rise in popularity of HDR TVs and other HDR devices has made this kind of encounter increasingly common today.


The resolution does not directly correlate to HDR quality. While a 4K TV’s large screen and high pixel density are impressive, a 1080p HDR video will appear far superior to what you see on a 4K TV. If you have viewed both videos, even if you don’t compare them, you will notice a difference. HDR footage shot with an HDR camera and viewed on a 4K TV will naturally look the most impressive. Watching a 4K HDR video will provide the most lifelike and immersive experience possible. Learn More

HDR technology

HDR technology enables video-playing devices to display video with a level of realism that matches the world or the director’s vision. As a result of HDR technology, those gadgets can display not just great contrast but accurate contrast as well. It also enables those gadgets to display an unprecedented number of colors on their panels. Colors will be displayed with a level of brightness and gradation that is consistent with the real world, and blacks will look like true blacks.

Playing an HDR Movie

Both the HDR video source and the playback device are required for viewing. In contrast, the latter is simpler to manage given that HDR-capable devices are more widely available. Additionally, their retail price is rather low. If you want to watch HDR films and movies now, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so because the vast majority of midrange and high-end TVs currently on the market support HDR technology.

The original supply is currently in short supply. Only a select few video producers now offer HDR content. They are available on Netflix and Amazon, but there isn’t really any other major video sharing service that features HDR content. Therefore, it should come as welcome news to HDR enthusiasts everywhere that YouTube is launching a new HDR channel that will feature not only HDR videos in lesser resolutions but also 4K ones. In the future, watching videos on YouTube won’t be the same.

Does High Dynamic Range Video on YouTube Really Matter?

Now, let’s circle back around to the article’s original question. Is it worthwhile to spend money on a new device just so you can watch HDR films on YouTube if you don’t already have one? If you spend the money, I think you will find the new channel to be well worth your time.

TV is your window to the world

This tagline, “TV is your window to the world,” has been repeated over and over again for years. High Dynamic Range technology has made turning on the TV feel more like opening a window. You’ll feel as though you’re not looking at a screen at all as you see a world faithfully recreated before your eyes. In the not-too-distant future, most portable devices with screens will be updated with HDR compatibility, so if you don’t get on board now, you’ll be left behind when everyone else has begun enjoying the ultra-realistic videos.

HDR is a cutting-edge technology that will be highly sought after in the near future, particularly in the media and entertainment sector. YouTube isn’t the first to use it; during the past decade, both movies and video games have increasingly incorporated the technique to improve their visual quality. If you look at a PlayStation 3 image and compare it to a PlayStation 4 image, you’ll see why HDR technology is important.


Using High Dynamic Range technology, your favorite shows and movies will have a whole new level of realism and immersion. Now that YouTube is on board with this technology, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to watch that will actually keep you entertained.

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