Timeshare Compliance: Can They Cancel Your Timeshare?

Despite the fact, a timeshare promises an organized dream vacation place but seems different for many timeshare owners. Instead of relaxing at the best vacation place at least once a year, they watch their account savings empty due to high maintenance fees. 

Purchasing a timeshare feels like a trap, and many owners want to eliminate it. Many timeshare cancellation companies, such as Timeshare Compliance, promise to get them out. But is it true? 

To know more about the best timeshare cancellation company – Timeshare Compliance, take a closer look at the below-given article. 

Who is Timeshare Compliance? 

Timeshare Compliance is not a law firm but claims itself as an “Advocacy Group.” Its legal experts work with attorneys to help customers eliminate their timeshare mortgage debt and maintenance fees. It’s a trustworthy timeshare exit company that can cancel the timeshare even if the client still owes a mortgage. The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and has many offices in the U.S. state. 

Among the experts, it has a leadership team that has been working since 2012. The company promises its clients that it can help them in the cancellation of their timeshare legally and permanently without selling it to a new owner. 

5 Pros of Timeshare Compliance BBB 

Timeshare Compliance has many goods based on the services provided by them to their customers. Here are some prime pros of Timeshare Compliance BBB: 

  • Provides an escrow payment 
  • Takes six to eighteen months in timeshare exit 
  • Terminate the timeshare liabilities  
  • Offers personal credit services 
  • Responsible team 

Provides an Escrow Payment 

Timeshare Compliance provides an escrow payment option but does not offer a money-back guarantee. Their escrow payment guarantees that the company will get the complete payment once it successfully terminates the timeshare agreement. It’s a good sign and represents the company’s confidence in what they do and their efforts in building trust with the clients. 

Takes Six to Eighteen Months in Timeshare Exit 

Timeshare Compliance tries everything to get the timeshare deal canceled within the given deadline. They have skilled staff like customer specialists, the case analysts, coordinators, and well-experienced attorneys who work confidently and solve cases quickly. The complete process takes around six to eighteen months in the timeshare termination. 

Terminate Timeshare Liabilities 

Timeshare Compliance not only focuses on the timeshare exits but ultimately gets off its clients from the liabilities that came with the timeshare agreement. It means that after the completion of the termination process, the client is fully free from making debt payments and maintenance fees.  

Offers Personal Credit Services 

While exiting your timeshare, your creditworthiness may get hurt. However, when you work with Timeshare Compliance, you don’t need to worry about that. Timeshare Compliance offers credit protection! In addition, this company provides its customers with personal credit monitoring services; you can work with this company without any worries about your credit score. 

Responsible Team 

The professional team at Timeshare Compliance has proven to be highly responsive. After the submission of the timeshare contract details, they quickly process the timeshare exit process. In the meantime, they provide timely updates to their clients regarding the timeshare exit case. 


From the above-given article, Timeshare Compliance proved to be the best timeshare cancellation company offering many benefits to its customers like an escrow payment option, personal credit monitoring services, a short exit period between 6 to 18 months, a responsive team, and complete eliminating the timeshare liabilities. 

Overall, don’t think too much about working with the company, as it has stayed for more than nine years in this industry because of its excellent reputation. The best thing about the company is they pick the case, they entirely terminate within the given deadline.  

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