What to look for when checking a car history report

A car history check contains historical information about a vehicle. It provides valuable insights into the vehicle’s background, including its MOT history, mileage, written off details, service records, outstanding finance, and other important details.

Before you plan to buy a car remember these few aspects included in a car check report which contains:

This Blog Post Contains

  1. Report summary
  2. Mileage use
  3. Vehicle Description
  4. Manual checks
  5. MOT 
  6. Outstanding finance
  7. Fuel Economy
  8. Engine specifications
  9. Stolen Check

Report Summary

A check car report is a document that provides detailed information about the history and condition of a specific vehicle. The history checks are compiled from various sources, such as government agencies, insurance companies, and automotive industry databases. These reports can help potential buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a used car, as they provide insight into the vehicle’s overall condition and any potential issues or red flags.

Mileage Use 

Mileage discrepancies refer to inconsistencies or discrepancies in the recorded mileage of a vehicle. This important check is included in most history checks, however it is important to check what sources are covered as this will vary between history checking services.

Vehicle Description

The history report includes a summary of the vehicle. It comprises the model of a car, color, engine size, number of seats in a car front and back, body, fuel type and more.

Manual Checks

It is the most technical part to be added to a car check history. The VIN (vehicle identification number), engine number, V5 date, registration number. These specifications in a car check history protect you to face any complications when you buy a car.


MOT (Ministry of Transport) is used for road safety which is introduced by the government. It is necessary for road safety as well as for car safety, to make sure the car is up to the environmental standard imposed by the country’s laws. 

Outstanding Finance

An outstanding finance check refers to the process of investigating whether a vehicle or other asset has any outstanding financial agreements or loans secured against it. It is often performed before purchasing a used car or any other expensive asset to ensure that there are no hidden financial burdens attached to it. This includes the car agreement date, terms, and conditions, contact number of the finance company, date of transaction and vehicle description.

Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption record will show you what type of fuel has been used in the car, urban, extra-urban and combined.

Engine specifications

Engine specifications refer to the detailed information about the characteristics and features of an engine.

Stolen Check

A stolen check, also known as a stolen vehicle check, is a process used to determine if a vehicle has been reported as stolen. It is typically conducted before purchasing a used vehicle to ensure that it has not been illegally obtained or involved in any criminal activities.


A car reg check provides valuable information about a used car’s background. Remember that while a car history check is valuable, it may not reveal everything about a car’s past. It should be just one part of a comprehensive evaluation process, which should also include a thorough inspection by a trusted mechanic and a test drive to ensure the vehicle meets your expectations and needs.

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