What is Conquest Marketing and how to use it to improve your sales?

Conquest Marketing (or how to conquer your prospects) is a new marketing model in response to the loss of momentum in data collection.

Conquest Marketing aims to go beyond the limits of Inbound marketing without changing its original philosophy. To do this, he uses effective and appropriate techniques to acquire new customers.

What is Conquest Marketing?

With the arrival of the GDPR, Internet users have complete freedom over the collection and use of their personal data.

These recent evolutions of the web place companies that prospect on the Internet facing various obstacles which are:

  • private browsing,
  • the refusal of the deposit of cookies,
  • even fake email addresses…

Consequently, marketing campaigns produce fewer results.

To deal with this, Conquest Marketing aims to make the brand the legitimate and credible reference in its field so that customers come naturally to it. Adopting a Conquest Marketing strategy therefore consists in positioning your product or your company on the real problems of your targets.

In concrete terms, two options are possible:

  1. convince the customer to buy the same product from you;
  2. or convince him to buy a different product from you.

In both cases, an individual who is not part of your current clientele is considered a conquest.

How to set up a Conquest Marketing strategy?

Before embarking on conquest marketing, it is essential to lay a solid foundation. Here are the main steps to consider.

The study of competition

This is the first step in setting up a Conquest Marketing strategy.

It involves researching your company’s competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This is a basic step that is often overlooked, but still very important.

Customer study

“Reading” the needs of your target is the key to properly defining your persona.

It is therefore essential to carry out surveys in order to understand his lack, his needs and what he is looking for. To do this, you can segment your database according to different parameters such as center of interest, demographics and then reorganize them according to the problems encountered.

The resolution of the problem

Once the profile has been drawn up and the need clearly identified, it’s time to write the Conquest marketing message.

This is the most important part of setting up your strategy.

For the implementation, you must consider two tracks:

  • if the customer already owns a product that you sell or a similar product, your message will + highlight the advantages of buying from you;
  • if the customer has a different product, offer new features and benefits that help them better solve their problem.

Either way, it’s the value proposition that will drive the customer to you rather than a competitor.

The purchase funnels

When writing your Conquest Marketing message, you should also pay close attention to the different stages of purchase.

If your prospect is still in the research stage, you can focus more on your product features. However, if your target is further along the purchase funnel, you will highlight the price and the added value of your solution.

The Cabana company is a very good example of highlighting their added value!

Most importantly, don’t overlook people in the post-purchase stage. If the customer has purchased a product that requires after-sales service, you can offer them more services.

The levers of Conquest marketing

In the digital age, content is king and should take pride of place on your site. But other techniques will also be useful for you to achieve your goals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing occupies a fundamental place for a conquest campaign for different reasons.

For example, it makes it possible to create information-rich landing pages capable of driving buyers to your website. Then, content marketing offers the possibility of presenting a clear and concise argument to prospects in order to convince them to buy.

By using different types of content, you share similar information across different mediums. This offers the advantage of extending your influence and attesting to your expertise in different places.

Several choices are available to you to convey your message:

  • infographics;
  • eBooks and white papers;
  • videos and podcasts;
  • webinars;
  • or the opinions of experts intended to appear in the press.

However, it is not just about producing content. This content must be varied, of impeccable quality and meet the expectations of your target. This is how they can lead your targets to you.


Natural referencing on Google is essential to make you essential in your market.

If you want your brand to be a logical recourse for your targets, you must have an effective SEO Company strategy in place. This takes into account:

  • keywords relating to strongholds,
  • the technical optimization of your site,
  • semantic optimization of your content, the long tail, etc.

Email marketing

Forget arguments about its age or lack of technical innovation.

More alive than ever, email marketing remains a powerful tool for acquiring new customers and even diverting potential customers from your competitors. Two approaches are proven as part of a Conquest Marketing strategy:

  1. The first is to buy a targeted list and prospect them in small groups. While this approach often takes a lot of time and effort, the results are often very encouraging.
  2. The second is to start from a general market list and try to reach as many potential buyers as possible. With a compelling conquest message, it is possible to create fantastic spikes in traffic to your website.

Social marketing and press relations

With the increasing number of users, social media are interesting channels to improve your results.

Simply promoting your content can have encouraging results. You can also surf influencer marketing or hire a community manager to bring people to your brand.

At the same time, it will be beneficial for you to exploit the potential of press relations to relay news, expert opinions or testimonials about your company.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing encompasses different techniques. We can cite:

Paid search (Search Ads)

If on page SEO services does not yet give satisfactory results, you can opt for SEA (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.).

This is all about getting your ad in the top positions of the SERPs, but it can also be costly. You must therefore target the most relevant keywords for your ad and optimize your landing pages.

The behavioral display

Banner ads are also an effective way to present your solution to a target audience.

Display ads consist of showing your ad on websites based on a theme close to yours. The advantage here is that the costs only depend on the click-through rate and the cost per click.

Social Ads

Social Ads (advertising on social networks) is also an interesting lever to consider.

This is to make advertisements or sponsored posts (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.). Again, the content must arouse interest and offer to solve the problem identified, otherwise it is a sure flop.

Testimonials and reviews from former clients

In order to convince your targets to come to you, you must prove that your solution solves their problem.

Testimonials are very helpful in achieving this. They reinforce your credibility, increase your notoriety and create curiosity among your target. In other words, the opinions of former customers reassure future customers and facilitate their conversion.

For example, you can post reviews in text, audio or video format. You can also ask your customers to give their impressions on your different channels (website, forums, GMB listing, etc.). Read More

The closer the witness is to your persona, the more impactful and credible their testimony will be.


Retargeting is a very often overlooked marketing technique when setting up a paid marketing campaign.

But it can be very beneficial to pursue your leads. Indeed, some people may take longer to convert depending on their position in the funnel. Therefore, you absolutely must include remarketing to these prospects in your Conquest Marketing strategy.

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